What is Distribute Kings?

Distribute Kings is an online, digital, mp3 record pool, providing DJs access to pre release records, effectively playing and promoting new songs, getting the songs to "break," or catch on in your market.

We are just like a record pool of the past except you no longer have to wait for your records in the mail. You can download your music whenever its convenient for you- and even play new music the very same day it becomes available.


What do I get as a member to Distribute Kings?

Distribute Kings offers the hottest new tracks in high quality mp3s. As a member, you'll receive unlimited downloads of brand new tracks from labels all over the world- including all available versions (dirty, clean, acapella, instrumental, remix, extended etc) from our record pool.

You will also be able to upload your own remixes, and mixtapes to the site, and they will be available to all of our DJs.


How often is the music updated?

New music is posted everyday!


I still use records and CDs, is Distribute Kings still useful for me?

Absolutely. Simply download your tracks, and either use them directly with Serato or Final Scratch, or burn them to audio CD for use with any CD system.


What is the quality of your music?

Our music is usually 320 bit and better. However, some tracks do sneak in lower sometimes, but not lower than 192.


I'm not actually a DJ, can I join anyway?

Distribute Kings is an online mp3 record pool servicing hot new music for DJs only.


How long are the new tracks available to download?

We are the only online record pool that grants our members access to our entire archive. Tracks never become unavailable.


How can I promote music with Distribute Kings?

Click here.


How much are dues?

We are currently offering unlimited access free of charge.


What types of payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.


Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges whatsoever.


Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee, and you can cancel at any time.


How do I cancel?

Click here.


Can I preview the music?

Yes all songs can be heard before downloading.

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